Je ne sais quoi in action

Tell u a story. It’s about this bitch, from Italy (Europe) with fucked up family #A, and this sucker, same place, same town, with fucked up family #B.
Catch is, fucked up family #A hates the guts of fucked up family #B (I’ll use the abbreviations fuf#A and fuf#B).
Xcept the bitch digs the sucker. And vice versa. In fact, they’re kinda so into each other that they plan a beautiful, emotional, clever, Dexter’s lab sorta plan, to get away clean from the respective fuf#-s.

So far so good. Shake-shake-shake the spear 😉

Bu at the last minute, the guy says – questquecest??!! wtf@@!!?? This plan sux bigtime. I mean it’s not like I could end up dead or anything, but you never know – better play it safe!! So what he does is, he sneaks into the bitch’s bedroom, knocks her lights out, puts her in the back of her brother’s SUV and parks the SUV in her dad’s motorbike. With him on it 😛

So, when the broad wakes up, she’s in the sucker’s Camaro, driving on the Interstate – and he tells her she fell on the stairs, in shock, when she found out that her bro had a tragic accident involving her dad – the few remaining pieces of him anyway. So he saw this chance to pull her away from the tragic events happening in fuf#A, and incidentally, to cut him loose from his own fuf#B.


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