Dancing, stupidity and revelations

A simple truth about dancing, which I am going to repeat, so it might finally nail its way into my thick head:

Dancing is all about the pleasure, the excitement and the rush of having that beautiful girl move with you, close and sensual, to the rhythm of the music, while YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE HER AS THE DUMB ASS THAT YOU ARE.

I’ll say that again:

Dancing is all about HER, you IDIOT! Dancing is all about the fact that YOU – UGLY – STUPID – CLUMSY – FOOL have been chosen by HER – and not to simply stand idle and admire, but to DANCE WITH HER, to LEAD her steps. And all you care about is the technique, the figures and the show offs.

I’ll say it a third time:

Dancing is all about the simple truth that, like most things in this world, the dance itself is meaningless and empty WITHOUT HER, but it goes on just as well WITHOUT YOU!

(excuse my French. 😀 It’s just that I’ve left the salsa station turned on in my car the other day – and when a certain tune started, I almost hit a light post. I remembered how, some time ago, during a salsa festival, I couldn’t do some advanced tricks and I got angry and I said to my girlfriend that we should stop, because it was useless. Yeah, it was useless alright. Just HOW BLOODY USELESS IS THE ISSUE in fact. That much about revelations. The ones which come late.)


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