Truth or dare. Truth and dare

Mr.B: Very neat work, Cyrano; she never suspected my identity, or even conceived there is a third player!
C: Thank you, Baron. Always happy to entertain you. You have heard enough, I presume?
Mr.B: Yes, Cavalier, the Marquise certainly had no reason to hide that sort of information from you. I bet she’d be furious though if she understood the whole scheme.
C: Oh, Baron, that would only make it more interesting!
Mr.B: For you, perhaps, Cyrano. (laughs heartily)
C: I swear to you, Baron, without a spark of anger, she’s boring me stiff! Shave my big nose, but the other evening, I was pulling words from her with a forceps.
Mr.B: I still think you made a mistake, revealing yourself. Your presumed incognito may have had further use.
C: Yes, Baron, I guess you are right. But there are endless personalities I can assume.
Mr.B: And only one you must protect at all costs: mine.
C: Why, certainly, Baron.
Mr.B: How did she seem?
C: I’m not sure what you mean, Baron.
Mr.B: Come now, Cyrano, you know women, Master Ivan often said about you that you can even read their minds. Indulge me and speak a little about her.
C: Master Ivan speaks too highly of me I’m afraid. And he speaks too much, also.
Mr.B: Cavalier! I have to know. Tell me, in the name of our friendship!
C: Very well, Baron. She has doubts – but not about you or me. I’m certain that if you approach her now, she will put up her brick wall and reject you firmly. She is still wounded by that something from the past, but she is also satisfied with her present life, precisely because it cannot put her heart in peril any time soon.
Mr.B: How naive of her…
C: On the contrary, Baron – her judgment is sound.
Mr.B: What on Earth are you talking about, Cyrano? She left Paris – more likely she fled from Paris! How can you live the rush of this wonderful adventure and then bury yourself in the countryside? What pleasure can you get there?
C: I never thought I’d say this, Baron, but there is some pleasure in peace… Besides, it is your rival who chased her from Paris. She wasn’t looking for a lover, she was looking for an easy capture. Being what she is, she quickly realized she got way more than she asked for and decided to leave, to limit the harm.
Mr.B: Yes, another fool! But it has nothing to do with the Marquise being stuck in that one horse town!
C: I think it has everything to do with it. The moment I told her that it was me, Cyrano, she asked me about him, with a shadow of disappointment. In fact, the last words we exchanged were about him.
Mr.B: Do you think …?
C: Oh, no, not a chance. That is one lover we have nothing to worry from. Not anymore.
Mr.B: Well, it’s good to know that I am the only one in this disturbing puzzle who knows the truth… If only there was an obvious way to use it!
C: I should warn you, Baron: with the Marquise, there is a very thin line between the truth and the lie. You shouldn’t take all for granted: even though her suspicions were well channeled and eventually she emerged victorious, she may have been lying about the other things as well, just for the sake of lying, out of an automatism.
Mr.B: No, I don’t think so. She’s a good player, but this time, she was so concentrated on him – and on you, Cavalier, that she couldn’t possibly have noticed the snare. I have all I need for now.
C: Then I will go now, Baron – I have to think about my next disguise.
Mr.B: Take your time, Cyrano. She’s clever – she sniffed you instantly this last time. You need to let some time pass before trying again. Besides, now it’s my turn. I have to put the information you got for me to good use. Hopefully, by the time you are prepared, she will have returned to Paris already.


2 Responses to “Truth or dare. Truth and dare”

  1. 1 Za Thing
    octombrie 7, 2007 la 11:27 am

    Dear B,

    I have received yout letter. I know now time is by my side.
    Good luck with you new discuize. I hope this time she will be harmed seriously and never return to you. This way, I could have my revenge.


  2. 2 Baron
    octombrie 9, 2007 la 4:01 am

    Dear Marquise,

    Time has always been on your side. It has certainly never been on mine.
    Take your revenge if you will, but I beg of you, don’t take it on yourself.


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