Your whole life is made of scenarios. You have a scenario in which you pay a dime and get a newspaper at the news stand. You have a scenario in which Peg Bundy says something funny and you laugh. You expect things – now and tomorrow and in twenty years. That’s how you’re built. You’re built to expect stuff, from yourself, from the weather, from the others, from your mom, from the cutthroat who points a gun at your nose and asks for your money.
You have a scenario in which you marry the girl from the club and someone asks you after ten years how did you meet your wife and you say „well, it was this club and she was dancing and I used this pick up line on her”. And you use that pick up line. And she says you’re a dork. Scenario ends.
You have a scenario in which you kiss the girl of your dreams and you love each other and you have a family and children and die of old age with grandkids all around. And a dog. And you marry her, to follow the scenario, and you die while she’s pregnant and she breaks down and twenty years later her boy kills her in a fit of insanity, while they are both drunk stiff.
You have a scenario in which she thinks she’s found her god, her heavenly pair on Earth, and he loves her too, and in one of those Kodak moments, he (sniff) proposes, with a beautiful diamond ring, during a romantic dinner. So, in the real life, they have a nice time, lots of sex and partying, and she kinda, sorta mentions her scenario to him. But then he says „err. …NO??!! Sorry, was I supposed to be more subtle? (laugh)”. Heart broken, she never loves again. Overdoses a year later seeking happiness. In the wrong places.
You have a scenario in which you make love to this wonderful girl you adore, the gentle, passionate, exquisite way, the substance that dreams are made of – and you share the ecstasy with her for a few months and you think it will last for ever. And then a guy comes to her one day, giggles with her for a few minutes and then plain ol’ fucks her. Twenty minutes flat. And she says „wow! that’s what I call a man!” And she leaves you staring.
You have a scenario in which everything that happened so far happened just the way you know it, and there’ still half a movie to watch. Well, people, wouldn’t it save all of us heaps of trouble if we could just remote to the ending part? I mean, some parts are kinda boring and some parts are kinda painful. And the most boring and painful of all is the part where a cute girl or guy come in and say that’s the whole beauty of it. Well, it’s not.


3 Responses to “Scenarios”

  1. 1 2jiminy
    Martie 4, 2009 la 8:53 am

    sometimes, you have a scenario with you and him loving each other forever, getting married, having children and then him dying before his time and leaving u all alone to raise them. u cannot handle it and in the end, drunk and drugged, u take your own life in a selfish impulse to make it all easier. and in real life, u actually get to grow old together and make the most of it.
    that’s when u definitely know it’s a good thing your scenario didn’t come to life

    and sometimes, you have a scenario with you and him loving each other forever, getting married, having children, growing old together. and in real life, you love each other forever, but for some reason you never get married and have children, but have a great life together, with every other dream come true because of him and you die old and happy in his arms
    and that’s when u don’t definitely know if it’s a good thing your scenario didn’t come to life

    the beauty of it all should be to just live it and enjoy it. it’s just not so easy to do sometimes…
    and scenarios help or don’t help, depending on how flexible you can be

  2. Martie 4, 2009 la 11:25 am

    Note 1: Back then, I was still figuring out the long term scenario of my own life. Nowadays, tomorrow is long term 😀

    Note 2: You never know it’s a good thing a certain scenario didn’t come to life, because for most human experiences, there is no maximum. There is no maximum happiness, or richness, or peace, or trouble. These being thus unreacheable, there is always a thread of doubt which pulls the other way – so, if, at some point, a scenario comes to a standstill, you’ll feel rolled back and you’ll call that nostalgia, which ends with the greek word for „pain”.

    Note 3: There are two things a scenario should contain in order to make it feasible and flexible: it should start with „I’ll do my best to …” and end with „…or die trying” 😀

  3. 3 2jiminy
    Martie 4, 2009 la 3:48 pm

    1. back then, you were a young cynic, much to my surprise and admiration. it’s safer to play it small i guess…

    2. like when u have a dream come true, what do u do with it? 🙂 it’s probably a good thing there is no such thing as maximum, for it challenges every little thought of yours. you will probably never touch it, but at least u’ll have a bunch of stories to tell to your grandchildren – bouche-bées 🙂

    3. jim young cynic thinks that’s a beautiful dream

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