About women and their insincere loneliness

When a woman says „I’m lonely” to you as a friend, as a guy (or girl) she trusts, then she is excluded from this article. It is not what I mean by „insincere loneliness”. As most human beings, women can be lonely and I have no question or doubt about that.

But let’s say a woman broadcasts the MESSAGE, sets her YM status to „I’m lonely” for days, and days … and days (I mean, f*, you’d think she finally gets it); she wears TShirts with the MESSAGE painted in large letters on the back, or just says it a lot when she’s in groups of not so familiar people.
Now, let’s say she makes of this a lifestyle for a long while, so much that you often talk like „-You know X? – Oh, yeah, the girl who’s lonely all the time hehe…”
Let’s add insult to injury and think of this girl as decently looking and sharp witted – no particular reason, simply because a 50 years old dumb 250Kg female with a rash on her face would make a poor example.


See – I’ve been lonely too. No more, no less then the next guy (or girl). I have confessed my loneliness to people (maybe two of them). I’ve never thought that being lonely makes me more attractive. On the contrary: a smart, contemporary girl would deduce that I’m ugly, kinda slow, my mouth smells and my dog barks at people for no reason – making me a socially forbidding person, with a strong reason for being lonely. Unless your passport reads „George Clooney”, you have no right !! to be lonely as a boy.
But, since women are the choosing half of our species, their loneliness defaults as an extremely attractive feature (somewhere between blond hair and big tits, on a scale). For the other (apparently idiot) half, lonely means alone, as in single, as in unpaired, as in available, as in „maybe I’ll get laid”. Or so these women think (trust me).
The catch is: this is an extremely insincere statement on their behalf, for two bloody obvious arguments:
one. do you, just for a second, imagine that a woman will cry „I’m lonely” to the wide air, as a rhetorical exclamation, for the sake of how nice it sounds? You poor ignorant! There’s always a schmuck out there, who’s supposed to feel guilty. There’s always a jack in the crowd whose heart is supposed to melt. And guess what: you’re NOT him. If, accidentally, your heart melts as well, tough luck. Read my lips: you … will … always … be … collateral … damage!
two. they could not care less what their genuine feeling or state of mind is when they broadcast the MESSAGE. Their obvious purpose is to attract a compassionate crowd from which they can single out a decently looking melting heart who happens to match the new shoes. Or the addressee, as mentioned in the previous argument.
Tell you what, gals: we’ve knida caught on this scheme. So don’t bother! It’s more attractive to be honest. It’s also more attractive to be unavailable. This way we get laid AND we screw the competition: our mojo’s always better in a lil’ dirty menage a trois. 😀


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