F-buddies discussed

I go way back with these characters. School and more…

[13:27] behemot: back
[13:28] naje_sandovici: right
[13:28] behemot: sheesh, i’m a loaded gun when i drive lately
[13:36] behemot: i’ll be twenty fucking nine in 16 dayz and i’m thanking God life isn’t a contract with renewal option every year. ECG
[13:36] naje_sandovici: 😦
[13:36] naje_sandovici: hey
[13:36] naje_sandovici: u piss me off
[13:36] behemot: yeah, i’ve been told
[13:36] naje_sandovici: u will be 29
[13:36] naje_sandovici: yuppy
[13:36] naje_sandovici: see u on 34
[13:37] behemot: i should get a fb
[13:38] behemot: at least i’m good at that
[13:38] naje_sandovici: 😀
[13:38] naje_sandovici: yup
[13:38] naje_sandovici: u sholud
[13:40] naje_sandovici: net addicts?
[13:40] naje_sandovici: 🙂
[13:40] naje_sandovici: bloggers?
[13:41] behemot: they’re usually kinda ugly if they have the time for that…
[13:41] naje_sandovici: well…
[13:41] naje_sandovici: dunno
[13:41] naje_sandovici: gotta start somewhere
[13:43] behemot: there would be also (don’t kick me now) – our own best buddy, Virginie, who’s been complaining for a long er… hehe time – so while i’m reading „Suicide for beginners, a practical manual” …
[13:43] naje_sandovici: =))
[13:43] naje_sandovici: comoooooooooooom
[13:43] naje_sandovici: comooooooooooon
[13:43] naje_sandovici: V is a friend
[13:43] naje_sandovici: A FRIEND
[13:43] naje_sandovici: comooooooooooooooooooooooon
[13:43] naje_sandovici: and she wants smth serious
[13:43] naje_sandovici: comooooooooooooooooooooon
[13:44] behemot: yeah – so, as long as she DOESN’T want smth serious, i mean, what are friends for? – really, gal, u ain’t watching enough “Beverly Hills”….
[13:45] naje_sandovici: u know how i feel about this kind of combinations
[13:45] behemot: no i don’t ?!!
[13:45] naje_sandovici: and she DOES want smth serious
[13:45] behemot: what is your opinion?
[13:45] naje_sandovici: SUCKS
[13:45] behemot: good…
[13:45] naje_sandovici: =))
[13:45] naje_sandovici: i feel the same about switching girlfriends / boyfriends in the gang
[13:45] behemot: hey, where the hell are u supposed to meed gf/bf-s if not in the gang
[13:46] naje_sandovici: sure, honey, but when u start switching…
[13:46] naje_sandovici: and still, “kinda” be friends – makes me sick
[13:46] naje_sandovici: that’s what i think. period
[13:46] naje_sandovici: and i anin’t changing
[13:46] behemot: just once!! ok? It happened just once
[13:46] behemot: ok but how does that apply to Virginie?
[13:46] behemot: 😀
[13:46] naje_sandovici: common
[13:47] naje_sandovici: it does apply to Virginie, cuz she’s been around me a lot lately
[13:47] behemot: i mean, if u’re jealous or smth…
[13:47] naje_sandovici: it’s not jealousy, sheesh
[13:47] behemot: =))
[13:47] naje_sandovici: it’s about being friends
[13:47] naje_sandovici: that’s very strictly delimited for me
[13:47] naje_sandovici: like – the boyfriend of a girl buddy of mine –
[13:47] naje_sandovici: he’s like a woman to me
[13:48] naje_sandovici: DOESN’T EXIST
[13:48] behemot: oh, so you cannot be a friend and a fuckbuddy at the same time
[13:48] naje_sandovici: sexually speaking
[13:48] naje_sandovici: NO
[13:48] naje_sandovici: NO
[13:48] naje_sandovici: NO
[13:48] naje_sandovici: never
[13:48] naje_sandovici: and I think Viginie has the same opinion
[13:48] behemot: can i ask?
[13:48] behemot: =))
[13:48] naje_sandovici: deal
[13:48] naje_sandovici: 🙂
[13:48] naje_sandovici: ASK :))
[13:48] behemot: you or me?
[13:48] naje_sandovici: JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ
[13:48] naje_sandovici: how can I ask her smth like that???????????/
[13:48] naje_sandovici: jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
[13:49] naje_sandovici: gizas, toots
[13:49] behemot: if i ask her, she’ll take it as an offer?
[13:49] naje_sandovici: I hope this is a JOKE
[13:49] naje_sandovici: i am so not having this conversation with u
[13:49] naje_sandovici: i am dreaming
[13:49] behemot: :))
[13:49] naje_sandovici: @-)
[13:49] naje_sandovici: so
[13:49] naje_sandovici: STOP IT
[13:49] naje_sandovici: WTF???
[13:49] naje_sandovici:
[13:50] behemot: but really, just for fun, say it’s about ur ex fb and ask in principle, just to hear what she has to say
[13:50] naje_sandovici: B!!
[13:50] naje_sandovici: i ain’t doing no such thing
[13:50] naje_sandovici: it’s fucking gross
[13:50] naje_sandovici: I mean like incest or smth
[13:50] naje_sandovici: wtf???
[13:51] behemot: /:)
[13:51] naje_sandovici: besides i’m 100% sure she wants a family and kids
[13:51] naje_sandovici: shit
[13:51] behemot: ok – damn, this was a 1st class subject for my blog
[13:52] behemot: the dark corner
[13:52] naje_sandovici: so
[13:52] naje_sandovici: brrrrrrrr
[13:52] naje_sandovici: fucking nuts
[13:52] behemot: yup. all the girls i’m fucking are nuts
[13:52] behemot: so yeah, i’m fucking nuts
[13:52] naje_sandovici: =))
[13:52] naje_sandovici: so – we NEVER had this conversation
[13:53] naje_sandovici: clear?
[13:53] naje_sandovici: i’m going out for a smoke
[13:53] naje_sandovici: and don’t say a word to Virginie
[13:53] behemot: yup. this is so going straight to the blog
[13:53] naje_sandovici: JEZUUUUUUUUUUUUUS
[13:53] behemot: you should check out the traffic i’ll make
[13:53] behemot: and the comments :))

For amateur readers: „fb” means „fuckbuddy”. Virginie is a French name. Behemot is a devil character. Both are fictitious. Naje is a female Serbian name. That’s not fictitious 😀 .

I plan on translating this for the play 😉


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