I. The Bull
I felt my blood leave me today
I may have been asleep, in deep sweet slumber
As my arms burst and turned all red
And then my bed grew horns and turned on me in blood thirst-
A bull to take me where all sorrow ends.

II. The Star
I felt the walls grow to make room for two
And soon the Universe was smaller than my room.
The North Star woke me – she had drops of blood
And stains of diamonds on her collar,
As I took off her shirt, and in my hand
Her hand became my idol and my rose.
And as her breast touched mine
With spells of wine and perfume, as her breath
Warmed red the tips of our tongues –
I smelled my blood between her silver lips.

III. The Reaping
I felt my blood in shallow ruby streams,
The weeping grass above me and the willow
Reaching for me, among reflecting stars.
I felt her warm, arousing skin
Touch mine – a thousand cuts of silk.
Then in this world I felt no more
I was the mist she wore around her hips –
A magic carpet to the Universe
A verse to make the living right again.


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