A runaway

runaway: – a person who runs away; fugitive; deserter

from what?

what are you running away from? what is it?

as I whispered, she kissed me. like she was dropping off the last weight holding here tied to the earth.

I tried to define a runaway in my mind. to be one, feel how it is.



from vivaldi to 180km/h. i am not counting seconds. i am remembering them.

what am I to her?

she wrote:

heart, we will forget him!
you an’ I, tonight!
you may forget the warmth he gave,
I will forget the light.

when you have done, pray tell me
that I my thoughts may dim;
haste! lest while you’re lagging.
i may remember him!

(Emily Dickinson)

what part of me will she forget? what part of her will forget me?

in truth, I want no answer to that.

dear soul
she’s one with me
by noon, i’ll be
the warm and sunny day
and she will run away.
I’ll be her feet
I’ll be her smell.

dear soul
i want you to know
that I am well
even though I…
haven’t seen you for a while.

i love her so! a wild and keen unrest
a path of strife
where, for my life,
I must not fall.
I only pray
that I don’t lose you on the way.


2 Responses to “A runaway”

  1. 1 beloved maquis
    noiembrie 24, 2008 la 9:27 pm

    Stop yearning for what it might have been. Go, face the world and take it in!! It just might be a wolderfull surprise… Certainly it might hurt you badly, as only lovers can, but it might also give you sweet leasure in the afternoon and hot embraces in the morning… or just a smile from someone you don’t know that will bright up a grey day at work…
    And, my dear friend, if you love her, go and conquer her back! don’t stand there wondering about what it could have been.
    Someone once asked: what would have been Romeo and Juliet if they would have lived? Some decrepit old people hating each other and being bored of one another out of their minds? I like to think not. I like to picture them as a little old couple still smiling at each other, one still seeing the other as in his or her 20’s. SO DARE!! GO CLAIM YOUR LOVE BACK!!

  2. noiembrie 24, 2008 la 9:39 pm

    I do hope you are old, dear writer. 🙂

    fear not. if resillience and fighting spirit would conquer hearts, I would be richer than Elvis Presley.
    As my rhyme goes, mine is not the story of Romeo and Juliet. Rather Faust’s.

    Et vive la resistance! – or perhaps, allow me a „Viva la revolucion!”

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