A spoonful of sugar


It helps the medicine go down, they say.

Tasting a spoonful of sugar is a marvelous phenomenon, because it is somewhat universal – and as such, it does not particularly depend on: the size or shape of the spoon, or whether it is used in cofee or tea, your age, your favourite tree, the wage of the doctor, the pain in your tooth, the smoothness and color of your skin, the medicine’s country of origin, its size or the concentration of disgusting or bitter ingredients inside it, the temperature of your body, of the atmosphere, or the sea, the mood, the month, the astrological sign under which you were born and through which the stars are currently passing, you destiny or mine or, in general, the status quo of all things.

To elucidate the outcome of my long (and not rarely painful) scientific pursuits, I will present the distinguished audience several hints on the uses of sugar, spice, powerpuff girls and cosmic powder in everyday life.

So, dear gentlemen, honoured sirs, fellow science companions and last but not least, ladies –

Let’s guess the word „orangutan” on sharades, while we’re fighting the World, the Navy and Master Tigress for the happy ever after.

Let’s be a cat and play with the fiend’s tail each time it sits on our bench, next to daddy, Mona Lisa and the three piggies.

Let’s be the first piggy, not the last, when we dream of the big bad wolf, because every now and then the guy down the road who’s supposed to save our sorry asses needs a rest and a helping hand.

Let’s remember to say „thanks” to the childhood wolfie and give it a warm howl and some milk, each winter. It might help, if it is to become our big bad wolf and worst nightmare.

Let’s sell dreams. Not too cheap, because everyone needs dreams of their own, and we don’t want to end up colonizing each night with ours – but not too expensive either, because we don’t know when someone will actually need them for their lives.

Let’s live until tonight, see what happens. Then write it down in a couple of words, read it back and think it through. Then mark five paragraphs with numbers, 1 to 5 and for each one of these, ask a „what if” question. And answer it. Let us not spend more than a very short moment on this. I mean it. Never

Let’s spend a day each year falling ridiculously (and repeatedly) in the snow, on a stupid piece of wood that slides like the galaxy through well lubricated dark space. Each time, let us get back on our feet for another couple of yards and fall again. And again.

Let’s spend a day each year falling ridiculously (and repeatedly) in love, on that stupid piece of heart shaped… heart that beats like the drummer boy in that old Christmas carol . Each time, let us get back on our feet for another couple of moments and fall again. And again.


3 Responses to “A spoonful of sugar”

  1. 1 Mel
    decembrie 8, 2008 la 6:28 pm

    Yes, let’s …dar cati au curajul?

  2. decembrie 8, 2008 la 6:55 pm

    Cine te`o mai intelege pe tine…..?

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