The violent Mister Twister and his Jack Russel sidekick, Lick

CryingWhat is that thing you almost see? What’s eating you? And what about September? This year, last year, whenever it’s here? What did you hear last night, but can’t remember till tomorrow? What did you borrow? What did you lose? Whose was it anyway? Was it the first? Was it the third?

Is it a bird? Is it a train?
Is it a lovesick airplane?
Are you insane? Is this a trick?
Is this a twist of pickled fate?
Is this too late? Is this too weak?

Oh no! It’s Lick,
The Jack,
The Russel sidekick!

And where there’s Lick
There’s Mister Twister,
That violent prick –
The roughest, toughest,
From Westminster
To the Chinese Brick Wall.

So swallow all your tears
And burry deep your feelings.
You’d better wrap you dealings
With honourable devils
And level all your fears –
Your dear Mister Twister
Is all but here.

He’ll tear your soul
And dig down deep
Like a gray mole
Inside your mind
He’ll grind it down
To powder dreams.

You’ll drown –
And he will leave.
To follow
A summer breeze,
A distant call
From the Brick Wall
Of the Chinese.

And Lick will lick your wounds
And mend them, slick and quick.

And then you’ll hide, back in your hole
A mouse running from the hurricane
(which hardly ever happens).

But honey, there’s a sunny sky out there, where Mister Twister is a fool and Lick is drooling for another shot at what he thought has wrought more havoc in the loving world, than love alone – your ankle bone! Waf!!


1 Response to “The violent Mister Twister and his Jack Russel sidekick, Lick”

  1. 1 belovedmaquis
    decembrie 9, 2008 la 6:47 pm

    it is a particular view of a Jack Russell Terrier… in order to find more… real Jacks, see http://rojackrussellterrier.wordpress.com 😉

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