Letters to the Countess (1)

Dear Countess,

It has come to my attention lately that fresh discoveries, by some very reputable gentlemen in the Royal scientific circles – have ascertained the age of the Universe to be quite a bit bigger than what it was commonly known. They also pointed out that we should expect an equally long duration to span between now and the end of all things. Thus being the situation, I find myself with no choice than to extend my love for you, as originally agreed, in accordance with the newly proven facts. A gentleman’s word is his bond.

At this point, I confess that I paused for a second, snickering, waiting for that hearty laughter of yours that I miss, with that soft, quiet passion. But Countess, there is so much time –
If I take enough of your laughter, put it together and compress it, in the presence of alchemical reagents and silver dust and the spine from a diamond, it could become substance, like air, I could breathe it. And if I take enough of that air, in ages and ages of loving you, then, with today’s physics and chemistry, I could make an essence from it, to drink, like wine – a thousand years old: the sweetest poison, a test of my strength and fortitude. It would probably kill anyone else, but not me. I know I’d survive, because if I had been a lesser man, than the absence of that dear elixir would have killed me long before.

The Court has been utterly boring without you lately. The King decreed that dreams are finally legal and occasionally should be encouraged. He said:

„If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why won’t that sun appear”

After long and rather stormy debates, an amendment was voted, to nominate a Royal Meteorology Lord. He would be in charge with the appearence and disappearance of the sun, at some designated times related to the King’s dreams and the Universal mechanics.

I do admit having voted against the amendment. It was not because of the King, the sun or the Universal mechanics. With the same stubbornness and resilience that I have become known for, I keep defending another concept of mine. Something atomic, unbreakable, in a shape that’s both native and final. Something that will endure long after my body has withered and burned, after my fortune has fed the poor, after these mountains and seas that surround us have moved and after all knowledge has been found and all thougts have been enacted. I call that thing „belief”, but I think you will know better what it is, as you will read these lines.

I think there is … reason in everything – and I have chose mine. I hope that you are well and that you will return soon.

Baron B.


1 Response to “Letters to the Countess (1)”

  1. 1 Countess
    ianuarie 12, 2009 la 3:38 pm

    I am ok my dear one. I know I left without saying a word… and I am sorry. I hurt you. But I did what I had to do. My loving for you will never end. Unfortunately my love is not suitable for you..

    I will never stop reading you. Or think of you.



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