The lovely Miss Dreamy

A schoolboy’s account on the appearence and disappearence of the lovely Miss Dreamy, at the Baron’s Reception.

Fairy Policewoman Wanderson
: Hello, Ivan.
Ivan: Hello, Ma’am.
FPW: Don’t be scared now, I’m going to ask you a few questions, about the Reception you went to this week.
I: Yes, Ma’am.
FPW: Look at my wand here, see how it shines?
I: Y-yes, Ma’am.
FPW: If it shines white, it means you’re telling the truth. If it shines red, it means you’re lying. Now, if you tell the truth all the way through, I’m going to give you this jawbreaker that never shrinks, would you like that?
I:Y-yes, Ma’am. Um… but what happens if it … um …. thinks I am not telling the truth?
FPW: Then it will make the jawbreaker and any other sweets you might have on you disappear. Now tell me Ivan: what time did you arrive at the Reception?
I: I don’t know exactly, Ma’am.
FPW: Tell me approximately, Ivan.
I: What if I’m wrong and it says I’m lying?…
FPW: It will only say that you are lying if you do that on purpose, Ivan.
I: Okay, then it was about 5:30 in the afternoon, right after we had tea at grandma’s.
FPW: You see, it shines white. Now tell me, Ivan, did you see anything special at the Reception.
I: Emily showed us that she can talk with Legs.
FPW: Who is Legs?
I: Legs is the Baron’s puppy. They call him that because he has painted legs.
FPW: How did Emily show that she can talk to Legs, Ivan?
I: She read from a book with a dog on the cover, in a strange language – she said it was in dog language, and Legs was nodding all the time. And then she read something like „vahzy, lassy, aport” twice and Legs ran off and brought the Baron’s slippers.
FPW: That’s very crafty of her, Ivan. But did anything else happen at the reception?
I: Oh, yes, Ma’am … but I’m not supposed to tell.
FPW: Ivan, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell – of course, you don’t get the jawbreaker.
I: But I get to keep my other sweets, right?
FPW: Yes, that’s right – however, if you tell me what you saw, then we can help the lady you saw find her way home, to those who love her.
I: She said not to tell anyone what I saw. She said you would catch her and be mean to her.
FPW: I see. Well, what if I told you that she was talking about someone else. You see, Ivan – there is a flying ship with pirates out there who want to get their hands on her, but we’re here to see that she’s alright.
I: Prove it!
FPW: Well, do I look like a pirate to you?
I: N-no, Ma’am. But then, I’ve never seen a pirate lady before…
FPW: Okay, we do it this way then: you hold the wand and I will tell you the truth. If I lie, it will shine red.
I: But I don’t know to make it work.
FPW: You don’t have to make it work, this it what it does. Here, take it and tell a lie.
I: And that won’t count, right?
FPW: Right.
I: I don’t like Miss Dreamy!
FPW: There, it’s all red!! And who is this Miss Dreamy you really really like?
I: She’s the one you look for.
FPW: Who called her that?
I: I did. Are you going to hurt Miss Dreamy if I tell what I know?
FPW: No, I will not. See – the wand shines white. Will you tell me now?
I: Not yet, Ma’am. ‘Cause what if you tell someone and then that someone will be mean to her?
FPW: Hahaha. You’re going to be a lawyer, Ivan!
I: No, Ma’am, dad says lawyers are like small smelly mice and I don’t like that. Now, I want you to say that if I tell, then Miss Dreamy will be happy and she will live happily ever after.
FPW: I don’t know that, Ivan. Nobody knows that. But I can tell you I will do everything I can to see that happen.
I: O-okay…
FPW: Are you convinced now, Ivan?
I: Yes. I’m going to tell you. That evening, Legs started to bark at the window, right after sunset. But he likes Miss Dreamy too, I know, ‘cause he was wagging his tail. We opened the window and we saw something like a falling star, except it was not falling out on the sky, it was coming straight at us. And then Emily hid under the bed and I took Legs in my arms and closed my eyes, but nothing happend. Then i heard the sound of a very tiny bell. And I opened one eye and I saw her upside down.
FPW: Upside down??
I: Yes, ‘cause, my head was down that’s how I ended up in the bed… So anyway, then Legs went to her and sniffed her and some glittering dust got in his nose and he sneezed. And we laughed.
FPW: Can you describe Miss Dreamy?
I: Yes, Ma’am. She wore a blue, wrinkled dress and a black skirt on top of that, that was glittering as if it had stars on it. She had a wand, like yours, with a large star on it, and a pointy mexican hat.
FPW: A mexican hat??
I: Yes, Ma’am – that’s how we knew that Miss Dreamy wasn’t a witch, ‘cause witches always have small pointy hats and she had a large pointy hat.
FPW: I see. Did she talk to you?
I: She shook the wand and it sparkled and left glittering dust in the air – and somehow we understood what she wanted.
FPW: And what did she want, Ivan?
I: Well, she wanted Emily to give her a little lock of hair, and Darius to make her a paper airplane and me to kiss her on the left cheek, but only when the others ar done. Oh, and she wanted Legs to catch his tail I think, because he started to do that and didn’t stop until Miss Dreamy was gone.
FPW: Can you tell me why you called her Miss Dreamy?
I: I didn’t call her then, Ma’am. I called her last night, when she was in my dream – and she liked that name, ‘cause she laughed and said that’s her name, of course.
FPW: Very well, tell me what happened next.
I: She told us that she will use the airplane to go far far away and she thanked Darius for that. She said she will use Emily’s lock to bring us to fairy land, when it will be safe, to visit her. And, because I kissed her, I took fairy dust on my lips she said. So, if I whisper her name, she can come, but only in dream land. And I told her I can never do what I want when I dream, so how can I make her appear? And she said I will figure out a way, but I haven’t yet.
FPW: Didn’t you say she was in your dream last night?
I: She was, Ma’am, but I don’t know how I did the whispering part…
FPW: I see. What did you do next?
I: I kissed her on the cheek, like she said. And she made herself tiny and flew away in the airplane, dragging Emily’s lock under the plane’s belly.
FPW: Do you know where she went?
I: Far, far away, that’s where she said she would go, Ma’am.
FPW: Can you show me where that is, Ivan?
I: I sure can, Ma’am… it’s that way! I looked at the plane until it I couldn’t see it anymore. Then we left the window open, so we don’t break it in case Miss Dreamy uses Emily’s lock to fly us to fairy land – but then Emily sneezed and her mom said we need to close the window. But Miss Dreamy is smart, I’m sure she can figure out a way to get us there.
FPW: Thank you, Ivan. You’ve sure earned your jawbreaker. But don’t forget to brush your teeth, okay?
I: Yes, Ma’am!! Will she be okay, Miss Dreamy I mean?
FPW: Yes, Ivan, and you know what you can do? Believe in her….
I: Yes, Ma’aaaam!!


1 Response to “The lovely Miss Dreamy”

  1. 1 Mel
    Ianuarie 21, 2009 la 6:03 pm

    oh how i love a bedtime story…more please, so i can dream better 🙂

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