Letters to the Countess (2)

Dear Countess,

The human concept says „Happy birthday!”. So do I, because I have been dreaming of doing so with a hug, lately. How ontologically absurd! – you will say.

Oddly enough, I still have that dream. Apart from having it surgically removed, I have not yet found a theoretical solution for it – and you can trust me when I say that it is becoming quite a predicament.

„When in doubt, shoot yourself” – that’s what Sgt. Corelli used to say, back in the 42nd Engineers. The man did have a deathwish, though – eventually he threw himself on a mine in the road, heroically protecting the rest of us. His last words were „Fuck you, Lizzy!” – but the mine didn’t explode, so I think he’s alright, somewhere. Still, his teachings are quite useless for my dream issue. Theoretically, of course.

Thank God the dream varies at least. That is, one night you were dressed casually, you were blonde and I hugged you in the park. Another time, you wore serious business clothes and I hugged you from behind, surprising you. Your hair was darker. Then, you were in a kiddy bedroom, wearing night clothes. I woke you up to hug you.

Um… if at all possible, could I ask you for a few of my favorite scenarios, for the nights to come? For instance, on top of a mountain, or at the sea side – or generally, on vacation, somewhere nice.

I have focused most of my reasearch into finding some way to actually hug you each night for a long, long time, in hope of somehow appeasing the angry spirit that roams through my head. I still believe it can be domesticated, but in the event that I will fail in my endeavors, please do consider nursing me for a few (billion) days – and I would like to thank you in advance, dearest.

Best of my dreams to you,



1 Response to “Letters to the Countess (2)”

  1. 1 Countess
    ianuarie 26, 2009 la 1:18 pm

    My dear Baron,

    As my birthday is due to come, more or less in the 2nd of february, I would like to let you know I would like you to hug me. Tell me the scenario and I will be, once more, your countess.


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