The Countess, hypothetically answering (2)

(in the rendition of a rather euphoric flower girl, with daisies and a salad leaf mixed in her hair, and some brandy mixed in her speech)

– ‘Ello, gov’ner! Oy been sent by that fancy lady Coun’tess at the lake estate, oy was – she says to give ya this bottle o’wine to drink to ‘er ‘elth. Um, yeah, and she drank this ‘alf.. and another pint more… to yer ‘elth, she did. She said to tell ya this, so you don’t get the idea that I ‘ad anythin’ to do with drinkin’ it.

And she said to tell ya also –

Heart, we will remember him
You an’ I, tonight
I will recall the peaceful time
You may recall the fight.

And when the light of Monday comes
Pray shout, so I may wake.
And beat like drums of war and drink –
Drink, for your Master’s sake!

The lady tought me ‘ow to say this, she did… Spent nearly a ‘alf day, ‘n gave me 6 pence, ‘coz I’m a busy girl, I am.


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