The binary nature of Mr. Twister (and his Jack Russel sideckick, Lick)

When Mr. Twister came, the storm
Was setting your mind aglow
A quarter „Yes”, a quarter „No”
A quarter „Maybe” and then some.

The many fancies kept at bay
For days and nights, all in a row
Made Lick, the dog, the happy sideckick, sad
And put the ocean on his tail
As heavy as a widow’s wail.

Until an idea, small and dim at first, born of the thirst for your skin and all the things within, beguiled its way in Mr. Twister’s mind – and blind to his own blistering torment, he spent a second in the light to wonder and to ponder what is right.

And then he said – no, shouted: Rise,
You wretched, from your slumber!
And overthrow your thoughts,
Your dreams – the tyrant
Children of your mind!

Rise, make a world
Of binary desires –
And Lick wagged happily
And dashed towards
The binary horizon.

When you’ll ask Mr. Twister
„Am I for real?”
He will say „Yes”
And Lick,
His Russel sidekick
Will say „Waf”
And that will last a thousand years
Or half the time to pick a nose
Which is quite equal for me
With the life span of a rose
Thrown from your Juliet balcony.


2 Responses to “The binary nature of Mr. Twister (and his Jack Russel sideckick, Lick)”

  1. 1 beloved maquis
    ianuarie 29, 2009 la 3:17 pm

    beautiful as always, especially the rythm, but please tell me: why a Jack russell?!?

  2. ianuarie 29, 2009 la 3:38 pm

    ‘s only appropriate to have a gentledog accompany a gentleman, right? 😉

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