Letters to the Countess (3) – The Scenario

Dear Countess,

My old friend Cyrano will be kind enough to run you a message detailing where my scenario starts. But this is how I imagined it:

It is dark and a slow, cold rain outside. A woman closes the door to the tall apartment building and sees a pair of headlights flashing, a few meters away. The camera zooms out somewhere very high, and the gray car is highlighed in an aura. The sound of a fast beating heart can be distinctly heard. The picture goes into slow motion and follows a drop of rain, going slowly down, moved by the wind – at some point it splits into two different drops and the screen splits into three parts: to the left and to the right, the two half drops of rain and in the middle, a crow’s nest view on the woman and the man, closing to each other. They kiss and exactly then the two half drops of rain hit the man and the woman and make a path on their faces until they merge again. Fade to black while he says „I missed you” and the sound of the rain fades down abruptly.

I’m afraid that’s all I can say without spoiling a few surprises.

Yours, as always,



1 Response to “Letters to the Countess (3) – The Scenario”

  1. 1 Countess
    februarie 2, 2009 la 9:36 am

    My dear Baron,

    I had a dream friday night: i was walking down the street and I met you. You hugged me and told me you missed me. then you told me you love me and i told you that i do too, but in a way a could not explain. It was all so real. Then you said you know my bithday was in a couple of days. And you wanted to buy me something to have it on the occasion. So, today, I am wearing the earrings you bought me some time ago.

    I know you are thinking of me.
    And I do too.

    So, I see you in my dreams.



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