Neverland Yard Investigations – The case of the lovely Miss Dreamy (2)

The account of a bear, related to the acts of selflessness manifested by Miss Dreamy on a stormy night, in the valley.

Fairy Policewoman Wanderson: Good morning Sir. I’m afraid that couch is the best we can offer you. We didn’t expect to interview bears when we set up this field office – no offence meant.
Bear: None taken, Madam. I hadn’t expected to be involved in N’land Yard Investigations either.
FPW: Could you present yourself?
B: Theodore Mark MCIX, or Teddy Bear, as my common nickname.

FPW: Your age?
B: 94,342 years; I have belonged to 227 children.
FPW: Isn’t that a rather small number, for your age?
B: I have been in retirement for a while, due to extensive damage caused by an English dog, in the aftermath of the battle of Agincourt. I have been recalled in service for the second civil war in Neverland (and the second war in the World Out There) – when I have been rebuild as an upgraded Mark MCIX.
FPW: What is your ranking and expertise?
B: Leftenent Major, engineering, dust explosives, night construction and eroticism.
FPW: Your given name?
B: Char.
FPW: Do you have papers to support that?
B: Yes, Madam. Here you are.
FPW: For the record I will describe this document – it is a journal page with a picture clipped on it. The picture is of a little girl, blonde, with pony tails, holding Theodore Mk. MCIX. The journal page reads: „Lui, il est mon Char. La nuit il se fait très grand et me porte sur son cou par les lignes allemandes, me défendant, jusqu’aux endroits où il n’y ont plus de ruines fumeuses, plus de personnes pleurant, plus de poussière et d’explosions.” We will need to keep this as evidence, Sir.
B: I would appreciate having it back when it is over, if at all possible.
FPW: Certainly, Sir. Now, what is your current assignment?
B: I am Ivan’s Bear.
FPW: Have you anything special to report in the development of your duties, as of late?
B: Yes, Madam. Would it be alright with you if I gave you the full account now?
FPW: Yes, please do.
B: (sigh and a cough) Lately, Ivan has been going to the valley at night. He’s been drawn to be more exact. In his dream, it is dark and windy and he holds on to me and cries, scared. But he keeps returning. The boy is brave – he never ran away. One night he was whispering to me – „don’t be afraid, let’s go further, we have to find her, we have to…” I didn’t know who that was at that time though. Then, last night, he went into the small woods to the north of the valley and we heard sounds of explosions and fire arms. We hid near the last trees and saw an engagement in progress on the open ground. Mostly shadows and memories, fighting each other, but there were also people, which drew my attention. They were not directly involved in the fight, rather they were caught in the middle. I was interested in one pair in particular. A man dressed as a Prince and a beautiful, blonde woman. They were prisoners, escorted by two shadows with rifles. On several occasions they pushed them brutally and the woman put herself in their way to protect him. Behind them, some meters above the ground, I noticed small discharges of fairy dust. When I looked more carefully, I saw the person you refer to as Miss Dreamy. She was following them. Then several machine guns bursts covered the area and the shadows ran for cover. The two people fell to the ground. Then, the man pulled himself violently away from the woman, as they were tied together and eventually broke free. He ran away into the smoke and the woman remained on the ground. I think she was wounded. I heard a heavy shell screaming and I watched as Miss Dreamy bolted towards the woman on the ground. Then the fairy dust discharge sparkled into a solid, glimmering carapace around the woman and I saw the bomb hit them full on. It was a condensed dust bomb. I know they are illegal and considered attrocities, which I think is a grave matter.
FPW: Could you describe this condensed dust bomb for me, Sir?
B: Yes. Fairy dust is in immaterial form, causing even the objects in WOT to change some of their own properties to immaterial – for instance, bodies lose their weight, the precise mechanisms in the abdomen become butterflies, the heavy connector wires in the brain turn to rhyme and so on. When condensed, fairy dust has properties close to the liquids in WOT, giving people the persistent sensations they associate with pleasure, infatuation or inspiration. However, in some specific conditions, fairy dust condenses in solid shards – this doesn’t happen naturally and the results of this process is in effect a very dangerous weapon. It can destroy or corrupt fairies instantly and it also affects the people of WOT, to the brink of sadness and despair.
FPW: Thank you, Sir. We will document this thoroughly. Please continue with your narration.
B: I couldn’t see anything until the dust settled. I had covered Ivan hastily, but we were rather far from the center of the blast, so apart from a patch of tarnished fur from the burn wave, I was quite lucky. I ran into the burnt grass and I saw the glimmering carapace still holding on, just barely. Miss Dreamy had her arms clasped around the wounded woman and her eyes shut tight. I touched her shoulder, gently, and she shivered. The carapace dissolved. I laid her aside and tended the wounds of the woman. She wasn’t in danger, more in shock and the skin on her hands was a bit torn where the Prince pulled to break loose. I turned my attention to the fairy – she fainted, she was drained and feverish, but she held on to the blast, which I think is quite amazing. I for one have never seen something like that. As soon as he saw her, Ivan became highly agitated. He kept saying her name and he took her hand and put it on his face. My word, Madam, if people could express their conscious will in their dreams, I think they would change Neverland in a day more than we could in an age. Even so, my boy was glowing with torment and energy. When I examined Miss Dreamy, I felt him like a wild animal protecting his mate, with a contradiction in his gut whether to rip me apart or trust that I have the power to heal her. I carried the two pacients back to the woods, to take them out of the war zone and I spent the rest of the night attending to them. The woman fell asleep eventually and woke in WOT, as dawn came. Ivan stayed with me until Miss Dreamy finally cam back to her senses. When she opened her eyes, so did he, in the World Out There. And this is the extent of what I witnessed.
FPW: You have my thanks, Sir. What will you do the following nights?
B: My duty is to Ivan. If at all possible, I will try to sway him outside the valley. I have no intention or desire to fight another war. I have had my due share.
FPW: Sir, this is precisely what I was planning to suggest. I wish you best of the boy’s dreams.
B: One more thing, Madam. If this is indeed a war, and if Ivan decides to fight it, I will volunteer freely, because I know he will do this for Miss Dreamy and her alone – and to tell you the truth, I’ve never had a better cause to fight for.


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  1. 1 Mel
    februarie 6, 2009 la 4:18 pm

    Thank you, storyteller, you’ve made a child happy 🙂

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