A gift from Mr. Twister (and his freshly shaved Jack Russel sidekick, Lick)

Just you wait, Mr. Twister, just you wait!
-she said, like fate, one bitter day, in anger.

And Mr. Twister waited long, long time,
Creating letters, after x and y
But just before the fatal z.

With red and scarlet variations –
Sweet letters „why” and „sex”
And decks of cards and rhye
To walk through, when the summer’s ripe,
And berries grow from her sweet hands.

And then, one merry day
His Russel sidekick, Lick
Found Universal truth
While shaving, in the mirror of a lake.

„For Goodness sake”, he said
To his good Master
„We must make haste,
And turn this truth into a gift!”

And Mr. Twister took the truth
And carved of it a little wonder
With fizz and fuzz and mittens,
A drop of wine, a tad of grass
A sound of mass, a short white line
To shine when set on the horizon.

He wrapped the wonder up in blue
And glued it with forgotten lipstick;
He flowered it and made it small
To fit inside a Russel chest.

Then off he went, the happy Lick
The sidekick carrying the miracle.

It resembled the Universe so closely, that it held within a verse and a treasure for each measure of his love. It held the ocean’s waves, that her ocean eyes might turn green; it had the sunrise, that her warm hair might turn red; it had the fields of rhye, that her intoxicating body might lie down and be caressed like never before; and it had the essence of life, that she might live forever. Such a human word – forever…


1 Response to “A gift from Mr. Twister (and his freshly shaved Jack Russel sidekick, Lick)”

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