The Rapture Doctrine

Note: please treat this as a natural, albeit late extension of the D-Paladin Doctrine. There are few such simple and elegant principles, who many times govern our lives and make them spectacular, even if as many as one or two people get to observe it and even those so rarely understand what lies beneath.

The Infinity principle – Life, as the sequence of events between birth and passing, is infinite.

Notes: This does not refer to time, space, or any other measurable asset that can be associated with the common notion of life. We do not whish to bind physical phenomena which we are at best unsure about. The meaning of this principle is that life is not a discrete sequence, a numerable set of events (either own or inflicted upon it). More to the point, at the very instant I am writing these principle, I am unaware of even the raw proportion of events that act upon my life and influence it in some way, be those related to a wrist watch malfunctioning in Hong Kong, causing the lovely miss Jin not to call me as agreed, half across the globe – or just as well to an asteroid on the other side of the Sun, causing a freak nuclear reaction and thus an unexpectedly warm day and several happy bugs in the grass.

Definition: Rapture – An event of such nature that affects all future event threads in at least one life.
Previous empirical note: Inspiration – an event causing you a chance to change other people’s lives. Error – an event causing you a chance to change your own life.

The Rapture Doctrine: There is no natural limit to the number of raptures that can occur in life. Moreover, except for the naturally irreversible events, such as birth and passing, there is also no natural limit to the number of raptures of any particular kind.

Notes: All ‘de facto’ limits are either conventional, educated or self-imposed. This means reversible. There is no limit to how many times one can change, can love, can win or lose, can learn or forget crucial elements of life. A single lifespan can hold an infinity of raptures. As a practical corolary, a chain of events ends only with a naturally irreversible event, not before that. Not surprisingly, like nature itself, we humans are capable of this complexity and endowed with the consciousness needed to perceive it. We sometimes convince ourselves of our own limitedness, for the purpose of withstanding „the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”, that we define as final raptures. But they are not.


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