Sonnet of the cat and the miracle

(found among the intimate records of Lady Mittenice, after a long and devilishly inciting search)

A silver cat made her way in
My bed sheets filled with restless sleep –
As deep and lank as she could creep
To reach the world, under my skin.

And for each moment in her grip
The world itself went rushing by
And, though so far, it seemed to lie
As close as but a single leap.

My lips went numb and in their nest,
A scent of oranges and rum
Slipped lean under my tongue, a drum
To fill the longing in my breast.

And for a second, perhaps a bit longer than most other seconds in my life, I was –

The Cosmos, in her habitat,
With nothing but a silver cat.

And I laughed. I woke shivering with fear, of what I had just experienced – but I was laughing. I was nude and the mere understanding of my cosmic nudity that separated me from the rest of the elements in the Universe made me barbarically happ


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