rose petals, never! oh never!, three D, dearly beloved we are gathered here, today, one year from now, the tallest building, the longest hour, twins, dog breathing over sleeping beauty, his master’s voice, oranges, water, sky curved to the right, above the rocks surrounding the small bay with brightly colored umbrellas, engine sound at 6000 RPM, rage, tears, wish you were dead, wish I was five days late, wish you a Merry Christmas, wish you a happy birthday, on a pillow, with silver and gold from a thousand and one nights, the wind that night, windows reflecting the stars, eyes shut, mouth open, mouth leaving the world, mouth feeling the Grand Soul, the mother and the father of unborn children, the beginning, the omega, tongue counting the heartbeat, streaming blood with pictures on the wall, bed sheets and screams when nobody is home, white and red, whiskey, here I am with a ball and a chain yeah!, Puccini, don’t wake up! please, don’t wake up!, summer: point in the Universe where there are trees, flowers and orgasms, wine, memory erased, avatars of winters passed, resurrection, candles, I think I’m pregnant, salsa in the Galaxy, dwarfs awoken in the middle of the night, whisper and kiss my ear, there, one year ago, another way to leave me behind, make you stay, make you mine, make the world yours, make you my world, transform everything, I don’t want you to change, I’ll change for you, blue satin, blue garters, blue ribbon in my hair, this is your gift, are you sure you want this? yes… try to go easy, he’s gone, I can’t think about anything else, I can’t just leave you, I can’t leave the cat all alone, we’ll take her with us, hey, Sir, where is this train going? because you just look so beautiful together, it is snowing and we kiss, this is for you, open it, will you? will I? how do you do, we have met before, my name means the sound of lips around your left foot thumb, it’s Apache, but we are far from our lands, where there are fields with flowers and we die making love and the earth takes our bodies and makes trees of them because trees are made of two halves becoming complete, I completely forgot, don’t be upset honey, well I remember, it was cloudy and you said…, time will heal, will bring new life, beauty will never be the same, you said I was a miracle, a feeling and a promise, that’s what you said.


1 Response to “Love?”

  1. iulie 11, 2009 la 12:41 am

    I love this , the flow of the words like a running twisting stream 🙂

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