Mr. Twister returning

The merry Mr. Twister
And his hairy, though quite short companion
Have returned
To these lands, yearning for a winter –

With hot steps rushing through the snow
And icy water, all aglow
With frost where there is sand and rock
With locks of light around your nose
With cosmic sights to watch and hold
And fold around your tail at night
To make a bit of darkness white.

Thus had to say the white and brown
Lick, the Jack, the sidekick Russel
Who made love such a hassle
Since he declared it waf!, illegal.

Yes, they returned, the two, the peers,
The weary world saw them once more
With sore eyes and a tiny heart.

And, though apart from all their dear,
They rushed to her embrace again!
And then the world, in her wide place
Just by the sun, or slightly to the left
Decided it is time to go.

And now, in her place, on the pedestal
There’s a half lime, beside a pot of tea
With Mr. Twister seated by
And Lick, who does what he knows best.

We’ve no idea if you have seen the world of late (or just awhile ago), atop the lean and crafty ways of mommy galaxy. We miss her with a splinter in our hearts and have decided to call off the winter without her.
Soon, Mr. Twister will be dreaming, and his sidekick, Lick, will drink the tea and be as happy as they both can be. Or they will bear the slings and arrows of the evil lime, until somebody, in his rhyme, will ask: to be? or not to be?


1 Response to “Mr. Twister returning”

  1. 1 Anonim
    august 14, 2009 la 3:30 pm

    nu mi se pare asa de frumuasa dar prefer lata cu copaci

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