Driver from the Delirious to the Abandoned (2)

Night 2 – another fine night for a driver. It was raining hard and it didn’t seem to stop. Three men got in the car near the passageway under the Aumonja Square. They were dressed almost the same, in dark overcoats, nearly dry, with gray hats and fine glasses, white ties and white gloves. They crowded in the back – left the front seat unoccupied. They just stood still there for awhile and then I asked „So… where to? … … Sir?” I looked at the one in the middle and he answered: „My name is Miny Kynes-Sephire. I am afraid I am not the one who decided this trip, so you will need to ask my brothers, Sir.” At that point, with a smile, I asked myself what would a normal cabby do. But I decided to play along. „Very well – you Sir? Can you tell me your destination?” And he answered just as promptly and politely: „My name is Meeny Kynes-Sephire. Our destination is Glasgow, Queen’s Park 1926, September 2nd, before sundown.” With a reflex raised eyebrow, I replied – „Could you elaborate on that, Sir?”

Visibly uneasy, the man started to give me the long answer: „Well, allegedly, Zino Francescatti and Maurice Ravel gave a performance there, which was not part of their official tour. More over, this is not a recorded performance, because they played in the park, alone; they played two pieces that have never been heard after that, for the subtle, but rather Universal reason that they both composed and performed those pieces in order to gain the favors and charms of a certain Scottish Lady, whom they had met about a month earlier in London. Having quarreled strongly on this subject, they separated their paths at this point and only met briskly afterwords, in a rather cold atmosphere. This however is story that was not told by any of the main characters, which is why I decided to go there, ascertain the details of this encounter and record the two pieces, granting them due consecration.”
„That’s all well Sir, but I am afraid I am still at a loss concerning the necessary directions to get there” „Oh, all right – that is something which you should be asking my youngest brother here” „Um, Sir? … ” „Ah yes, my name is Eeny Kynes-Sephire. As my brother pointed out, I have made the plan for this trip, figuring out the shortest route and the costs. Unfortunately, I have already met with a little predicament, which will burden my budget as of the start of the trip and may I tell you, Sir that this is very, very unpleasant!!” „Um… could you elaborate, Sir?”- you see, I figured that worked earlier. „Well, a certain revolving door at the Hilton will be out of position when we return, which is about two hours ago from now – that will make it very hard for you to recollect us and take us back home and we will need another taxi, thus paying a supplementary fare.” „… two hours ago?” „Yes, indeed. Oh my… Your curiosity will cost us a full fare with the rabbit hole finder, because it will be noon there and we will need to ask him to postpone his lunch break. He hates that. Please, do hurry, Sir. I promise we will leave you a hefty tip if you do!” „But Sir, you still haven’t given me any sensible directions, if I may say so…” „Oh yes indeed. We need to get to the West Railway Station and collect our sister, Moe. From there, we need to find a shovel, possibly at the nearest hardware store, a pot of vitamins or some carrot jam for the rabbits – this should be available at a drugstore, four black tall hats, to look like normal people in Glasgow, this is common I suppose, at least one umbrella and some 50 pounds sterling, 1920 issue or older – the National Bank might have some.” „Your sister, huh? …” „Yes…” „Alright, I can’t wait to meet that one. Off we go.” (to be continued)


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