A little voice

„A curse upon this poison of a world
Who’s turning sand to rain and mothers into gaolers!”,
– a little voice said in the dim light of a dream.

And with a white reflection, she was gone,
Leaving alone the dreamer in his cradle,
As blind and blissful as before.

„Who are you?”
„I am Gabriel.”

„What do you own?”
„I have many possessions…”
„Is any of them essentially yours?”
„My life, instantaneous, my memory…”

„What is life, instantaneous?”
„The act of existence, combined with a single state of everything”
„Then you exist, as a result of possessing life?”
„And why do you possess life?”
„A a result of will, circumstance and hazard. Mostly hazard.”

„Do you have power over your essential possessions?”
„Not directly. I have power over the life and memory of the others, and they likewise over mine. Through that, I can determine them to change my life and my memory.”

„What is memory?”
„The collection of all previous life instances.”
„Is it unique?”
„It is, but only because it is collective. There is no other similar or comparable entity known to my kind. Also, our own view of memory is unique, because it is limited to what we can see.”
„You exist as a result of memory?”
„Then why do you possess it?”
„I do not know.”
„And why do you think it is essentially yours?”
„Memory is a symbiont. I am as much essentially its, as it is essentially mine.”

„Are you unique?”
„Are you defined unique?”
„No. My essential possessions are unique, therefore I am as well.”
„Thus, you are unique as long as either of them exists?”
„No. They are causally unique, i.e. they are not unique because no identical instance coexists in the same time. They are unique in all time.”

„This is a dream. Do you exist?”
„Are you unique?”
„What is the dream about?”
„It is an introspection. A litany. A memorial.”
„Who am I?”
„I do not know.”
„Memory, another view of the collective.”


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